~ The Virtual Conference Venue ~

Due to the current global crisis, this year's conference will be virtual so you will, most likely, be participating from the comfort of your home office, living room or garden!

The fact that this conference is virtual does not mean that you will be unable to engage or network. In fact, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that your experience will be as similar to a physical conference as possible. 

There are some distinct advantages to attending a virtual conference. The main one is that, for the first time ever, you will be able to attend the entire conference, should you so wish, as every session is being recorded and will be made available to conference delegates until 30 June 2020.


We do not expect you to sit in front of your laptop for 3 days so you can pick and choose which sessions you want to attend live and which ones you will view afterwards using the recordings. There will be breaks between sessions so you can grab a coffee or sandwich at any time.

To gain access to the conference, you will be required to use the following two platforms:

  • Eventsential by RD Mobile will be used to navigate through the programme and provide access to the different sessions.

  • Zoom Video Conferencing will be used to host the different conference sessions.

Without access to these two platforms, you will not be able to participate in the conference. Further details on how to access both platforms can be found in the detailed guides below.

If you are a session facilitator or session supporter, please familiarise yourself with these guidelines before the start of the conference. You should also watch these videos:

Eventsential by RD Mobile

You will need to use Eventsential to gain entry to the conference. Please do this several days in advance, not at the last minute! RD Mobile has another product called Engagefully which includes Eventsential and you can also use this platform to gain access to the conference.

  1. After you book and pay for the conference, you will be included in the list of participants. In due course, you will receive an automated email with instructions on how to get started as you will need to create an account with RD Mobile to access the conference. This email will be sent to the email address you used to book and pay for your place at the conference. You can do this on your computer or a mobile device (tablet, phone etc).

  2. Once you have created an account with RD Mobile, you must verify your email address by clicking the link in an email that is sent to you automatically by RD Mobile after you have registered with them. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the verification email (search for the email address "noreply@rdmobile.com"). Again, you can do this on your computer or a mobile device (tablet, phone etc). You will not gain access to Eventsential without having completed this step. If you try and log in without verifying, you will get an "Access Restricted" notice.

  3. Eventsential can be used on your computer through a browser window  (https://events.rdmobile.com/Events/Details/13345). You will need to log in using your RD Mobile account details (see previous step).

  4. Eventsential can also be used on your mobile device (tablet/phone) as an installed app (search for Eventsential in the App Store / Play Store). After installing, you will need to log in, search for "ISPIM" and select the "XXXI ISPIM Innovation Conference". 

  5. Our strong recommendation: Use the computer-browser version to connect and attend sessions and use the mobile device app for networking, messaging and session planning.

    Computer-browser version: takes advantage of a bigger screen so you can get a better overview of the conference programme. Use it to attend sessions.

    Mobile device app: takes advantage of interactivity and includes delegate, speaker and sponsor details and the ability to communicate directly with the conference community and individual delegates, as well as with social media.

  6. The conference programme can only be accessed through Eventsential and will include unique links to all the various conference sessions. These links will only be posted a few days before the start of the conference. To launch Zoom directly from the programme, select the session you want to attend, scroll down to "Resources" and click "Launch Zoom". We strongly recommend you access the programme this way so you can easily launch Zoom on your computer.

Zoom Video Conferencing

All sessions will use ZoomWe are totally satisfied that Zoom is as secure as other, similar video conferencing platforms. For more details, please refer to Zoom's Privacy and Security site.

Zoom Webinar will be used for all sessions, unless specified, as this is the best platform for sessions with many participants. With Zoom Webinar, you will interact by asking questions using the Q&A function.

Zoom Meeting will be used for all workshops, hot-topic & panel discussions, social events and a few other selected sessions. It is suitable for interactive sessions with relatively smaller numbers. With Zoom Meeting, you can be an active participant, using your camera and microphone. 


VERY IMPORTANT: Access will be via links which will only be published in Eventsential (see above for detailed instructions). So, to attend this conference, you must use Eventsential (more details above).

Setting up Zoom

If you have not used Zoom before, please refer to the excellent user guide here or the instructional videos at the top of this page. Ensure your camera and microphone work.


If you are a presenter, facilitator or session leader, we will contact you to arrange testing sessions that will happen one week before the actual conference. We are doing a dry-run of the entire conference on the 31 May to 3 June with every session being dry-run exactly one week prior to its schedule in the live event. Participation is mandatory for all presenters, facilitators and session leaders. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with these guidelines if you are facilitating or supporting a session.


Presentations will be delivered live so presenters will be required to share their screens (using the share screen feature) and run their own presentations unless agreed in advance with ISPIM. All sessions will be recorded and will be made available to conference delegates until 30 June 2020. One of our support staff members will be on hand to support you.




  • Your Zoom name is your badge: please rename to show your Name, Organisation, Country.

  • Create your own virtual background - click here for more details on how to create one using some of the standard ISPIM Virtual backgrounds.

Zoom Webinar (most sessions)

  • Use the Q&A box to ask your questions or to vote on questions from others that you would like the speaker to answer.

  • Do NOT use the Q&A box for general chat.

Zoom Meeting (workshops, discussions, social events)

  • Turn your camera on and mute your microphone.

  • Your session moderator will let you know at the start of each session how you can interact. This will depend on the type of session and numbers of participants.

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